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Heat treatment process of plain shaft
Author: admin Time: 2017-3-30 15:12:29
Plain shaft is a kind of typical shaft parts frequently used in mechanical products, the length of which is larger than diameter. It is mainly used to bear transmission parts, transfer torque and support loads. Heat treatment of bearing directly affects the processing quality of plain shaft. Then, does plain shaft require for heat treatment?

The answer is Yes, as heat treatment is a metal processing method that can improve the performance of metal material by heating in furnace, heat retention, cooling in the cooling medium and then change of crystal microstructure inside or on the surface. Therefore, heat treatment method of bearing may, to certain extent, affect treatment quality of bearing, performance and service life of parts.

As plain shafts are made of different materials according to operating conditions and use requirements, different methods of heat treatment are adopted to obtain the required strength, toughness, wear resistance and surface hardness.

Attention should be paid to material selection for heat treatment of plain shafts, as the selected material will directly affect the quality of product. So we have to strictly select rough and durable material for heat treatment, so as to obtain accurate dimensions, roundness, verticality and surface treatment.
Add: NO.26 Xieda Road, Huayuan Village, Yangshan Town, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
Tel: 0510-83050629 83950165
Fax: 0510-83050596
Contact: Mr Min
Mobile: 18921387058
Website: www.zainpro.com
E-mail: sales@wxlongchen.com
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